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What is Neighborly Digital?

Hi, I’m Gina Schauland, and Neighborly Digital is my social media management and photography business. I’m a social media freelancer you can trust to represent your brand.

I began a career in social media when businesses were just starting to experiment in this online network. Even after years spent on these social platforms, I do not claim to be an “expert.” That is because the world of social media is changing every day.

What I have been able to do is successfully navigate this territory by experimenting with content and new platforms, knowing the audience, listening to those people/businesses who have their pulse on the industry, and attending conferences and seminars to see what’s coming next.

One of my strengths is partnerships with “Neighbors” in the community. Your business is not a silo, you need advocates and customers to help amplify and share your brand message to those who may find it relevant. I can help facilitate those partnerships.

I’d love to get to know you and your business a bit better.

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Get to know me! Here are a few things that I love:

Riding my bicycle
Wine, beer & bourbon
Seafood & Sushi
Photo editing
Mountains & Camping
National Parks
CReating itineraries